We have all read the same books?! – Yet, performance in turnaround management varies widely.

If the executive team gets stuck in any of the five stages of the "process of depression" during the turnaround management, it is likely to lead to bankruptcy of the firm. Individual psychological deficits (e.g. narcissistic characteristics) can be a reason for not reaching the state of Acceptance, more often, it is observed, the turnaround management consumes too... Continue Reading →

How long should it take, to turnaround a company?!

Steve Tobak from CBS MoneyWatch identifies three phases for a turnaround, whereas the most important initial starting point of the turnaround process is forgotten. When on-boarded, stopping the firm's downward trend is critical and the core objective of the turnaround CEO. This aims for multiple stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers and suppliers; it is for the... Continue Reading →

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