corporate finance

  • Restructured a corporate backed start up & led divest for risk mitigation
Industry: media, digital
Objective: protect stock price integrity of parent company

A corporate backed SME was struggling to achieve its growth targets. As a cash flow negative entity, the firm was accumulating debt, which reached a significant amount over time.

  • Creating a new financing for growth model in a subscription based business model
Industry: media, digital
Objective: securing off balance sheet growth financing

A digital media company was exploiting sources of funding, to initiate growth. Due to legacy balance sheet positions, classic banks were not an option, shareholders would waive dividends, but not inject fresh capital for growth.

  • Restructuring & refunding an European e-Health pioneer
Industry: e-Health, digital
Objective: turnaround / scale up late stage start up from distress

A late stage start-up had failed after 4 years of operations to leverage its technology to the market. The investment willingness of the shareholders had been fully exhausted.

By assignment of the General Assembly a turnaround plan had been concluded.

  • Securing growth financing through off balance sheet transactions
Industry: technology, digital
Objective: unlock growth potential by securing short term funding for execution of growth strategy

A SaaS provider was aiming for growth, yet the shareholders could not provide the required funding. By regulations of the corporate owner, independent debt financing was not an option.


Business Model Innovation

  • Transition of a B2C technology to a complementary B2B business model
Industry: technology, digital
Objective: address new markets to leverage ROCE

In a B2C technology market increasing competition has been observed, putting the success of the growth strategy of a SME company at stake, and challenging established pricing models.

  • Fostering cultural transformation in a regulated payment / IT environment
Industry: payment, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Objective: leverage profitability

A legacy payment BPO provider intended kick of a growth initiative by forming a new business unit, leveraging customer value of the BPO-process data for B2B clients through the application of Data Science and Management Information Systems (MIS).

  • Leveraging sales for a technology Start Up through B2B sales partnerships with globally leading firms
Industry: technology, B2B2C digital
Objective: Leverage sales, enter key stakeholders of the market, foster average ticket size

The growth strategy of a late stage start up was suffering from scarce sales resources. To expedite growth, market access to the decision level of different industries had to be obtained.

Strategic growth & control in consumer services

  • A leading omnichannel retailer feared to cannibalise in store revenue streams through online sales
Industry: retail
Objective: align multiple sales channels

A leading retailer in central Europe struggled to synchronise stationary sales and online sales programs. As responsibilities were located at different levels of the organisation, the operational managers perceived the parallel sales channel as threat to their own ability to achieve their objectives and sales targets.


  • A leading retailer increased marketing performance through a sales & marketing cockpit
Industry: retail
Objective: increase marketing performance, ARPU and customer lifecycle

A leading retail company was aiming to increase its top line results, within a highly competitive consumer market. Preferred instrument of sales promotion have been various discount campaigns, addressing an unselected portfolio of loyalty card owners.


  • Grew EBITDA by 10%, by fostering customer retention
Industry: fitness studios
Objective: leverage profitability

A B2C subscription based company in the fitness industry was aiming for the next level of growth.

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