kw4Kolja A. Rafferty (MBA, IDP-C, CTP) – Creating value in situations of rapid change with experience in excess of 15 years.

Extensive experience in business & corporate strategy, finance and a hands-on approach for implementation. Expert knowledge in transformation and change management, corporate governance, and situations of rapid change. Proven success in special investment situations, including distress and turnaround.

Focussing on business model innovation and growth delivery across different industries. Driven by pace, measurable results, flexibility, and aspiration for performance.

I believe

„Through digitization, the economy is facing its greatest challenge since the age of industrialization. Existing business models are disrupted, established markets are compromised.

If you are not a start-up, you are a turnaround!“

I deliver

„Performance and executed solutions in situations of rapid change.

Short term, high impact!“

I create

„Strategic options for management teams, boards and investors.“


Kolja is a partner and lead strategy practice at Leverage Experts since 2012.

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