kw4Kolja A. Rafferty (MBA, IDP-C) – Creating value in situations of rapid change with experience in excess of 15 years.

Extensive experience in business & corporate strategy, finance and a hands-on approach for implementation. Expert knowledge in change management, corporate governance and digital transition. Proven success in special investment situations as start-up, scale up and turnaround.

Focussing on business model innovation and growth delivery in the ICT / TMT industry. Strongly focused on success factors and measurable results, driven by pace, flexibility and aspiration for performance.

I believe

„Through digitisation the economy is facing its greatest challenge since the age of industrialisation.

If you are not a start-up, you are a turnaround!“

I deliver

„Performance and executed solutions in growth, turnaround and distress situations.“

I create

„Strategic options for management teams, boards and investors.“


Kolja is partner and lead strategy practice at Leverage Experts since 2012.

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